Remote Sensing Solutions

On the foundation of our satellite remote sensing data, on our own, and in cooperation with international enterprises, Origin Space established a global network of remote sensing satellite centers. It provides customers with comprehensive, real-time remote sensing solutions.

  • Global Remote Sensing Center Network in Partnership with Origin Space

  • Origin Space's own ground remote sensing centers

  • Overseas Ground Receiving Stations

  • Smart City

    Based on remote sensing and GIS, internet, cloud computing and other technologies, we can realize scientific management of the city, including accurate analysis, collaborative command and scientific governance of urban governance, and promote "scientific decision-making", "accurate governance", and "efficient service".

  • Sepecific usage

    Urban Planning

    Urban Environment

    Urban Safety

    Intelligent Management

  • Satellite Navigation

    The LEO satellite navigation augmentation system is a constellation system of multiple LEO satellites and ground systems. It can enhance the performance of the BeiDou satellite navigation system, effectively improve the stability and coverage of navigation signals, provide high-precision, fast convergence, low-cost, and reliable satellite positioning augmentation services for potential users globally, and realize real-time dynamic and quick navigation and positioning at the global centimeter (cm) level.

  • Sepecific usage

    Public Location Services

    Automated Driving

    Geographic Information

    Public Security

    Precision Agriculture

    Specialized Logistics Management

    Mobile Communication

    Power Networks


  • Satellite Communication

    LEO-HTS network communication band using Ka, Ku, V, and others, with fast transmission speed, wide coverage, and communication band, regardless of terrain and geographical restrictions. Users only need to configure a portable antenna that can achieve network communication and significantly improve the situation that the local area can not receive an efficient navigation signal. Compared with other manufacturers who plan to launch thousands or tens of thousands of satellites, Origin Space can reduce the number of satellites to achieve the expected network effect, that is, channel rental costs are low, greatly reducing the costs.

  • Sepecific usage

    Airborne Load

    Marine Shipboard

    Land Mobile Operations

    Major Emergencies

    Resource exploration

    Military Communications


    First Aid Communications

    Communication Relay

  • Ocean Monitoring

    Carry out targeted marine satellite services and build a set of marine intelligent service platform as the core of the platform consists of marine ecological environment monitoring, marine disaster monitoring, dynamic monitoring of marine natural resources, monitoring of key targets at sea, to create a safe, beautiful and productive ocean.

  • Sepecific usage

    Marine Ecological Environment Monitoring

    Wind Field Inversion

    Ocean Wave Inversion

    Sea surface Temperature

    Marine Hazards

    Dynamic Monitoring of Marine Natural Resources

    Marine Key Target Monitoring

    Marine Emergencies Monitoring

  • Forest & Grassland

    The development, utilization and protection of forest and grassland resources need to keep pace with economic development, so it is especially important to grasp the dynamic changes of resources and make timely decisions. Remote sensing can make repeated observations of regional forest and grassland in a short period of time and on a large scale, so that the dynamic changes of resources can be grasped in near real time and decisions can be made timely.

  • Sepecific usage

    Forest Resource Management

    Grassland Resource Management

    Forest and Grassland Disaster Monitoring

    Ecological Engineering Planning

    Desertification Control

    Carbon Asset Assessment

  • Agricture

    Combining wireless sensor network, drone remote sensing and satellite remote sensing technology to build an integrated agricultural information collection system in the sky and land, which can build a set of efficient closed loop in the links of ”land leveling - crop identification - seedling image analysis - growth analysis - accurate fertilization - yield estimation”, thus increasing yield and income generation.

  • Sepecific usage

    Plot Management

    Crop Identification

    Early-warning Weather Monitoring

    Pest Management

    Intelligent Farm Machinery Deployment

    Agricultural Insurance And Financial Services

  • Electricity

    Support real-time monitoring and inspection of power faults for transmission lines, including inspection task planning, inspection result analysis, image/image data management, inspection information query, inspection result display and other functions, incorporating aviation, image, communication technology and background analysis system to improve the safety, efficiency and intelligence of transmission line inspection.

  • Sepecific usage

    Ground Settlement Analysis of Tower Slopes

    Power Line Design

    Identification of Features Along the Power Line

    Power Line Vegetation Interference Analysis

    Identification of Typical Geological Hazards of Power

    Transmission Lines

    UAV Power Patrol

    Automatic Monitoring Service of Power Line Hill Fire

    Forecasting and Warning of Meteorological Disasters

    On Power Lines

    New Energy Generation Planning

    New Energy Generation Forecasting

    Power Plant Planning And Management

    Power Plant 3d Visualization

  • Water Conservancy

    Focus on water resources monitoring, evaluation and management, water and drought disaster monitoring, water and soil conservation remote sensing monitoring and evaluation and other business directions. Form a comprehensive information service capability for water conservancy remote sensing application, for the Ministry of Water Resources, local water conservancy departments and other users continue to provide remote sensing monitoring products and services.

  • Sepecific usage

    Accurate Identification of Water Shorelines

    Chlorophyll A Concentration

    Total Phosphorus

    Total Nitrogen

    Suspended Matter

    Water Bloom

    Black Smelly Water Body Monitoring

    Water Pollution Traceability

    Monitoring of Indiscriminate Occupation, Mining, Piling And Construction

  • Security& Protection

    Use "Satellite + UAV" throughout the patrol mission, scanning of targets in key areas, to provide timely and accurate real-time intelligence security in border areas for decision-making.

  • Sepecific usage

    Island And Island Ecological Environment Monitoring

    Illegal Sand Mining

    Illegal Reclamation

    Uses of the sea, Sea Inlet Random Discharge

    Illegal Exploitation of Islands

    Cross-border Fishing By Fishermen From Other Countries

    Border Anomalies

    Illegal Border Crossing

    Illegal Surveillance

    Illegal Geographic Information Mapping

    Illegal Military Building Erection

    Unmanned Aircraft Entry Shooting

  • Fisheries Monitoring

    Centering on the information service for fishery development, we build a wisdom and information system of “Two nuclei and one circle”. " Two nuclei" that is, respectively, with aquatic products and fishing vessels as the core, and "one circle" that is the wisdom fishery ecosystem, which organically integrates data of bathing ports, fishing vessels, crew members and aquatic products to realize business collaboration and wisdom service and promote the efficient and sustainable development of fishery industry.

  • Sepecific usage

    Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning

    Fishing Vessel Dynamics Monitoring

    Fish Habitat Monitoring

    Fishing Forecast

  • Weather Warning

    Remote sensing technology plays an important role in climate early warning, monitoring, disaster monitoring and related disaster prevention and mitigation efforts.

  • Sepecific usage

    Temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, clouds, Thunderstorms



    Cold Wave

    High Wind


    High Temperature




  • Emergency Management

    The integration of low-orbit remote sensing satellites and ground-based IoT is used to create an integrated "sky-air-ground" system to provide early warning services for natural disasters and urban emergency monitoring nationwide.

  • Sepecific usage


    Heavy Winds


    Storm Surges


    Forest Fires


    Lifeline Damage

    Building Fires

    Building Collapse

    Urban Flooding



    Mine Accident Monitoring

    Tailings Pond Accidents

    Hazardous Chemical Accidents

    Engineering Construction Accidents

    Firework Explosion

    Crowded Trampling

    Explosions at Key Events

  • Smart Mine

    Realize safety warning, supervision and law enforcement to mine by comprehensive use of remote sensing, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. On the basis of the integration of multi-source heterogeneous space-air-ground data, we construct the space-air-ground integration perception system, to create special remediation, safety monitoring on production, risk warning, emergency command and other applications.

  • Sepecific usage

    Safety Monitoring on Production

    Risk Warning

    Tailings Pond Special Rectification

    Accident Response

    Supervision of Closed Ponds

    Upstream and Downstream Protection Supervision

    Damage Assessment

    Incident Management

    Command and Dispatch

    Information Release

    Voice of The Masses

    Expert Knowledge Base

    System Management

    Other Supervision