Remote Sensing Images
Yangwang-1 Nighttime Image
Yangwang-1 is China's first visible-light commercial space telescope and currently the only global in-orbit large-field ultraviolet space detector.
It has been officially granted the space telescope number C59 by the IAU's Minor Planet Center.
The spatial resolution of nighttime light remote sensing images captured by Yangwang-1 is better than 30 meters, reaching an internationally leading level.
The image above shows an emergency mapping operation using nighttime remote sensing for the earthquake-stricken areas in Turkey. It can be seen that nighttime lights have decreased significantly in places such as Hatay and Kahramanmaraş in Turkey, indicating severe disaster impacts.
The Maritime Silk Road in the Nightlight
The Maritime Silk Road is a vital component of the “Belt and Road” initiative, spanning many regions, such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.
It includes numerous important seaports and shipping routes.The Yangwang-1 satellite has captured images of the crucial regions’ countries and cities at night
along the historically significant and culturally rich trade route, providing a more intuitive understanding of the Maritime Silk Road.
Nighttime light remote sensing data has grown from its initial uses in population, GDP, and energy consumption to more advanced and socially valuable areas,
yielding significant results and creating new opportunities for development.
Composite Consumer Index
Carbon sink
Fishing vessel monitoring
Housing vacancy rate
Forest fire
Offshore oil extraction